Best of all, kids that develop an early and earnest interest in books are more likely to keep reading in the future. Reading, as everyone knows, fosters incredible traits like creativity and imagination! It is the goal of Starbound Storybooks, then, to encourage the appetites of young readers everywhere by creating books that are fun, original, and maybe even a little educational. And even long after their new love of reading takes them to longer and deeper narratives, their Starbound Storybook will remain a unique and beloved keepsake.


Or it will become something fun and embarrassing to show their prom date some day. We consider either scenario a win.

*By "science" we actually mean "our imagination," which is often not as accurate but always lots of fun.


Starbound Storybooks put you, your child, your pet,

just about anyone you know at the center of an exciting story!


It's official! Science* has proven that people (especially of the tiny, new variety) are more likely to read a storybook if it's about them. Seeing their own face and reading their own name make the stories more relatable and exciting!


What do you want to be when you grow up? In My Dream Job you and your child can explore twelve exciting jobs that may be waiting in the not-so-distant future.   Pilot a plane, tame a lion, and shred on the guitar, all while developing early reading skills! My Dream Job will keep your child enthralled with full-page illustrations and imaginative descriptions of a dozen real-life jobs, all of which feature their own face and name printed directly onto every scene!  Both exciting and educational, this book is the perfect gift for early readers and curious youngsters, and is a truly unique keepsake for the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who love them.

It's the day after Christmas and Santa's newest little helpers are excited to join their fellow elves on a much-deserved vacation.  Problems arise, however, when they discover that their fellow elves have left them behind to clean the whole workshop by themselves!  A little creative problem-solving (as well as an accident involving some strange office equipment) seems to offer a quick solution to the lengthy task ahead, but the abandoned elves soon discover that the easiest solutions aren't always the best ones.

Too Many Elves! is an amazing and truly original Christmas adventure that the whole family will love.  Up to three stars take on the roles of Santa's little helpers and meet a strange but familiar cast of equally helpful trouble makers.  Explore the North Pole, save the workshop from disaster, and see everything from snowy peaks to sandy beaches in Starbound's very first holiday storyline, incredibly rendered in an entirely new artistic style.

My Dream Job!

It’s lunchtime on Earth and a group of young adventurers have been exhausting themselves on swings, slides, and merry-go-rounds.  So what are they to do when their tummies start to grumble and there’s noting to eat on the playground?  Blast off into space, of course, on an exciting tour of the galaxy’s strangest edibles.  Everyone knows the moon is made of cheese, but did you know that Mars is made of macaroni?  What about the rest of the galaxy?  What will you find in the steamy craters of Mercury?  What delicious drink is stored in the Big Dipper?  What, exactly, is a Capricorndog? And how are you supposed to decide what to eat with all these outrageous, orbiting options to choose from? 3...2...1... Lunch! can feature up to three children at a time.

3...2...1... Lunch!

Too Many Elves!

kid's books:


Our kid's titles are fun, colorful, and occasionally educational. These storybooks are intended to promote healthy reading habits early in life and provide unique, often comical keepsakes for later. Starbound's Kid titles are suggested for early readers, their families, and the interminably young at heart.



pro marketing:


If you're an individual who regularly works with children you'll definitely want to explore how these incredible marketing tools can help promote your services and endear you to your precious clients. Our Pro Marketing Titles are custom designed to serve a growing list of specific professions, and feature a service or product provider's name, caricature, and contact info along side engaging, entertaining, and educational games and activities.


Welcome to the Dentist's Office

It's unfortunate but true, kids hate going to the dentist. That's why Starbound wants to help you, the weary, scream-deafened pediatric dentist demystify what threatens and promotes good dental hygiene. Your name and a caricature of your face appear throughout this fun, educational title, promoting your practice alongside big, healthy smiles.


This product is the only one of its kind anywhere, making it a valuable branding tool and guaranteeing patients walk away remembering you. Our books help children trust and bond with their dentist in a way no other product does. Grown ups can be scary in any kid's world... dentists doubly so! Use this activity book to help young patients relate to you in a new and exciting way!


Feeling Ignored?



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of portraits work best with Starbound Storybooks?

  • I'm ready to buy, how do I checkout and provide my photo to you?

  • I have a very unique skin tone, can you match it in your books?

    Absolutely!  Our creative personalization process allows us to provide an illustrated skin tone that will very nearly match any skin tone we are provided.  We have even matched "skin tone" to pets and animals before!

  • Can my book or gift star more than one person?

    Sometimes.  Depending on how a book is designed it may be able to support up to three children.  The maximum number of stars available will be clearly defined somewhere on each product page, and can vary not just by title but by edition (hardcover, paperback, etc), as well.

  • I am an adult, but I would love to have my face in a storybook. Do your products have age limits?

  • My cat/dog/bird is my child. Will you make a storybook for Sgt. Barkers and Mrs. Mittens?

  • How long does it take to process an order?

    With a standard volume of orders it should take no more than two weeks to customize, print, and bind your order before it is shipped. During the holidays and special promotions, however, production may take longer. So order early for Christmas!

  • How long do you keep the images that are sent to you?

  • What are your legal policies?

  • I still have questions! How do I contact you?

contact us:


We would love to earn your business! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments that we may answer to help get a Starbound Storybook in your household today, here's your chance to ask it! Simply fill out the form below and be sure to include an email address where we can get back to you as soon as possible.



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Here’s a simple guide to help you provide a really great photograph to Starbound and, in return, receive a really great product! There’s a short point-by-point first, followed by detailed instructions just in case you’re curious.


     1. Pictures should be well and evenly lit. No strong shadows or super-bright highlights.


     2. Heads that are angled a little to the left or right will look best, but straightforward shots will look fine as well.


     3. The color in the photo needs to be at least moderately realistic.


     4. Hair and/or facial features should not match or blend into the background.


     5. No hats, bows, or head-topping accessories.


These simple instructions are probably all you need to take or provide a great photo for your Starbound storybook, but for more information & instruction, take a look at the example to the right. See how this photo lines up with the guidelines above?


The lighting is mostly even throughout. There are no strong blacks or blinding whites in the shadows or highlights of the face.


The face is tilted just a little bit away from the camera so that only one ear is showing (it doesn’t matter which way his or her head is turned). If your star is looking straight ahead that’s fine as well, but if the head is turned too far (as in completely sideways) or if the photo is taken from too far above or below the star, it may not work very well.


The color of the photo is very natural.


The hair is not the same color as the background. This can make it very difficult (or impossible) for our artists to properly crop around the image.


Our star isn’t wearing a hat, a bow, or anything else on his head.  Anything your star is wearing in the photo will be in the book, which in some cases already includes hats.


It is a large photo and the face/head takes up much of the space.  The bigger a photo is the clearer it looks in a Starbound Storybook.


All of these points aren’t necessary, of course. We put together plenty of books with stars that are fully facing the camera and aren’t looking straight ahead, and they all look great. I know all of this looks like we’re putting a lot of limitations on your images but remember, it’s just a guide! If you have a favorite photo that breaks one of more of these guidelines, send it anyway! Our artists will let you know if there’s a problem and may make some suggestions before we begin work on the book, but the final call is always yours! So don’t worry, use any info in this guide you want to, and have fun picking out your own Starbound product!

Get the Goods: How to order your book and supply us with photos.


  • Email Policy

    Without getting into too much legalese, we think spam mail is (and you can quote us on this), “dumb and annoying.” I know; it’s a pretty progressive attitude, but there it is. With that in mind, we promise never to share, sell, trade, exchange, barter, peddle, or otherwise release your email address to anyone, ever, so long as they don’t have a warrant. And even in that case we’ll make them arm wrestle us for it. We just want to be sure people who are interested in our product have the ability to stay informed about our progress by sending occasional relevant updates via electronic pigeons (or email, if you don’t have an e-pidge subscription).

  • Upload Policy

    It is Starbound’s duty to protect the rights of the individuals whose photographs we are provided for personalization. By uploading photographs to our website you are certifying that you have the proper rights and permissions to distribute the photograph (ie: usage of the image is not restricted by the photographer). Please only upload photos of children that are your own or whose parents/legal guardians have given you permission to provide for use in a Starbound Storybook. Do not upload pictures of celebrities, politicians, or other recognizable figures unless you, yourself, are that figure or personally know them and have their permission. Starbound Storybooks will contact you via email or phone to discuss any suspected disputes involving the rights and permissions of the images we are provided.

  • Image Usage Policy

    Starbound Storybooks assumes no rights to use images we are provided by our customers beyond those required for the order. What does that mean? It means you will never, ever see the images you provide us used in our ads or publicly displayed in any manner whatsoever. Those images are yours and yours alone; we will only ever use them in the capacity you intend and authorize. On the rare occasion that we may want to use a customer’s photographs for any purpose beyond their order, we will always contact that customer and verify in writing the new terms of usage before any other usage is applied.


  • Return Policy

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your order, so much so, in fact, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied simply contact Starbound and we will discuss whatever options need to be taken to make your order fantastic. We wouldn’t want to put our name on anything short of it, anyway.

  • Privacy Policy

    It should go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that any information, photographs, or files that you provide us are strictly confidential and will never be shared with any other parties that are not absolutely essential to providing you a fantastic Starbound product (such as Paypal, who handles some of our checkout process). Starbound is made up of people just like you, who are just as concerned about privacy issues as you are, so we will do everything we can to keep your information as safe as we would keep our own.

boring stuff:


If you have further questions about our policies, need to find a guide, or just enjoy reading long legal-sounding copy, this is the right place! Just choose any of the topics below and all your questions will be answered.



Say Cheese: How to take or choose a great photo for your Starbound Storybook

Whether you're having trouble checkout out or just want to know what you're in for, this is where you can find all the info you'll ever need about Starbound's checkout process.


Starbound Storybooks currently uses Shoplocket to manage our products and orders along with Stripe to process payments. You can learn more about either of these companies at their respective websites by clicking either link to the right of this text. The slide show below will walk you through the checkout process.